How to Record a High Quality Screencast

September 23, 2013

Audio: convert mono to stero add a slight delay to one channel use an EQ add a touch of reverb (not too much) add a little compression

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Why I Built an AngularJS Training Site on Rails

September 15, 2013

If you're into AngularJS at all, you are probably familiar with the kickass AngularJS video training from If you haven't seen, it is a collection of 50+ short "bite-sized" training videos, largely focused on the AngularJS framework. The videos are created by (and feature…

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Configuring Dependency Injection in AngularJS

August 18, 2013

Dependency injection is the act of supplying values or object instances (dependencies) to target objects from outside of the target object. In many (most?) cases this is automated by a framework, such as AngularJS. This means that a given target object does not create its own dependencies, through…

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Learn AngularJS this Weekend

August 03, 2013

AngularJS has a reputation for a steep learning curve. It's definitely complex, but follows the 80/20 rule. 20% of the features are what you will use 80% of the time . If you are new to AngularJS and have a weekend to study, there are some very high quality resources that will let you start Monday…

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Using AngularJS? Stop using jQuery as a crutch.

July 27, 2013

Have you ever heard (or said!) this: "Directives? That's where the jQuery goes." I definitely have. In an effort to better understand @joshdmiller 's excellent ng-boilerplate , I wanted to understand its dependency on Boostrap. More specifically, I wanted to see if I could swap out Twitter…

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The basics of using ui-router with AngularJS

July 22, 2013

URL routing is a popular approach to matching the contents of a URL to specific functionality within a web application. URL routes programatically present specific content to users based on the URL that they are visiting. It is a popular approach that has proven to be very effective. Something that…

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AngularJS Directives That Override Standard HTML Tags

July 15, 2013

Directives are the heart and soul of AngularJS. They are incredibly powerful. AngularJS sets out to extend the grammar of the browser to supply semantics that facilitate the creation of web applications, going beyond the standard hyper-linked web page. The primary weapon to accomplish this is the…

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