Robotlegs Book: ActionScript Developer’s Guide to Robotlegs

What a ride! Robotlegs has been an amazing project to work on for the last two years and we are excited to announce that the first book on Robotlegs is complete. This tome of knowledge was a collaboration between myself and Stray. She has written a great post that gives a lot of detail.

Print copies can be pre-ordered here. The e-version should be available soon and there will also be a bundle

  • Djumeau

    Pre-ordered my copy. :)

  • Jamison Abbott

    I’m VERY happy that this book is going to be available–more extensive documentation is the only ‘missing thing’ that I’ve been wanting from the Robotlegs project! –Jim Abbott

    P.S. Looking forward to your RIA Unleashed presentation in October; I can’t wait to hear what’s in store for the next version.

  • Sebastian

    Hi Joel, congrats on the book by the way. I google “robotlegs signals” and I’m quite surprised to find in 1st position a blog post from back in Feb 2010. Have you shifted your updates to some other source? I basically want to integrate RL + signals in a project and I know that it’s had some issues with some RL versions not working with other Signals versions.

    What’s the most up-to-date link to this libraries you can share with us?



  • Joel Hooks

    The links are the same. Have you given it a go? It’s been two months since you last asked a similar question – I’d assume you have some non-hypothetical issues by now ;)

    I’m not a fan of the SignalCommandMap in practice. The Signals end up becoming hard to manage in a non-trivial project. I’d use Signals on views (if I was going to use them at all)

  • Sebastian

    Absolutely right, back in June. Apologize about that, I didn’t implement RL-Signals back then, and now I came back to it. I’ve been looking for a cleaner/better-practice way of messaging payloads around an application, reason why I wanted to walk away from the classing event dispatching system with string constants, and move towards the Signals approach.

    So if you’re not a big fan of SignalCommandMap, what do you use in your applications to manage events?

  • Joel Hooks

    I use single type events for the most part. The string constants are passed via super(MY_TYPE). With either approach appropriate package organization is a big help. I divide them based on the tier they are most appropriately associated with.

  • Sebastian

    Single type events? Let’s say I have an event used to broadcast a view’s interaction. Surely there will be more than one interaction happening in the view, therefore I’ll be creating an event and passing different types (string constant) accordingly. So how would you manage to run your whole application with single-type events?

    Also, you find Signals hard to manage, but wouldn’t sorting them in appropriate package organization be the answer? Or is there other problems which could arise?

  • Tonté

    How can I get a PDF copy of the book; after I buy it?



  • John Hall

    Thanks for the book Joel. It’s been a big help. Now get working on your Robotlegs V2 book so it’s ready on the first day ;-)

  • Anna

    Nice book! Do you have a tutorial about separating view-logic from the mediator. I saw it in the book and want to try it out, but I really don’t know were to start :X.