How I think about sending a lot of email.

"FUCK YOU SPAMMER!" For the first year or so of egghead's existence I avoided sending email. I was nervous. I didn't even want to send receipts when we charged people, because I thought they… Read Article →

🌲 Shadow Newsletter for Evergreen Emails in ConvertKit

For years I spent immense amounts of effort broadcasting one-off emails to to my newsletter. Millions of them! This is fine, a broadcast does the job of delivering your emails to the eager… Read Article →

Using a dSLR as a Webcam for Live Streaming

Broadcasting on the internet is here to stay. More and more we are seeing people use sites like Twitch and Youtube to deliver real-time video and audio to connect with their audience… Read Article →

Badass: Making Users Awesome by Kathy Sierra

What is a badass? I love the word itself, because there is practically no way to use it in a negative way. It's a good word. In Kathy Sierra's book, the word badass is used to describe… Read Article →

Transforming exported CSV data for use in a React chart.

There are many ways to build a new feature for your applications. For me, when I need a new tool, component, or functionality I like to take a step back and think about it in terms of data… Read Article →

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