Start Shipping More Accessible React Applications Today with Erin Doyle

We unlocked Erin Doyle's amazing course on accessibility as a Community Resource on egghead. This means that it is free to view for every web developer on the planet with a device and an internet connection.

This is part of our long term goal of making every egghead course free to view for all as a way to help democratize education for aspiring web developers. This is only possible with the support of egghead members whose membership fees not only give them access to awesome learning materials, but also help to unlock those materials for everybody else ❤️

Erin's course is a deep dive into the tools and techniques that you can use today to make React applications more accessible and inclusive for your users. If you care about your users at all, you will watch this course today and immediately apply the techniques you learn to your existing web applications tomorrow.

Seriously, you are out of excuses. 🤔

And if you think "hah Joel, I've got plenty of excuses, I work on a Vue app!" you are wrong. 😂

That's not an excuse because the tools and techniques that Erin describes in this course are broadly applicable and have equivalent capabilities across the JavaScript ecosystem.

If you're not learning and applying accessibility techniques to you and your team's "definition of done" I strongly recommend you work to change that as soon as possible.

One of the things that people often get mixed up about a11y is that you can make incremental improvements starting today. It isn't all or nothing. You will never reach perfection but you can make it better.

That's what this course can help you achieve.

With all egghead courses my recommendation is to watch this course and take notes instead of trying to follow along with the example code. If that doesn't seem very useful to you, that's fine, but it is well researched that summarizing concepts into your own words and applying new techniques to your own projects will give you mental ownership of otherwise abstract techniques.

Watch the courses with these amazing Community Notes open alongside in another window. Contribute your own notes back to the community notes.

egghead members also have access to fully annotated transcripts of this course (and most egghead courses) below the video. Here's a link to a PDF of the annotated transcripts for this course so you can see what they look like.

When you see something interesting in this course that clicks the 💡 -> implement it in your own application immediately and then come back to the course using that experience to enhance your own notes.

👉 Now that you're ready, click here to start watching Erin Doyle's Develop Accessible Web Apps with React.

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You might also enjoy 🎙 this podcast episode that I recorded with Erin. She's truly wonderful and a strong source of inspiration for me as a professional web developer!

It makes me smile when I see it.

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