🎙 The best, highest quality microphone boom arm for your desk.

Most boom arms are cheap pieces of shit that struggle to hold your mic still, make noise, don't hold their position, and are generally bad. They are "fine" and sort of do the job they were built to do but they make very high quality microphone boom arms so you don't have to waste money on cheap bullshit and jump right to the end game.

I recommend a high quality microphone boom arm, and my favorite is the OC White ProBoom Elite. They come in various sizes, but this is a solid piece of gear. Most mic booms on Amazon etc are cheap pieces of shit! Skip to the end of the line and treat yourself to a high-quality boom arm. They also sell a separate desk clamp for these arms that you may need.

My favorite version of this arm is the one that is on the 15" riser.

Unfortunately the riser will NOT clamp to your desk and requires screws to hold it into place. I mark and drill holes and use nuts and bolts to secure the arm. This often makes people nervous, so an alternative would be to screw the riser into wood and then clamp the wood to your desk.

I say "fuck it" and just drill the holes and be done with it, but you be you 😂

Read more of my personal preferences and recommendations for high quality desk studio gear here.

It makes me smile when I see it.

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