Mastering ConverKit by Brennan Dunn

Building an email list is both art and science. The tactics aren't obvious. The skills are built over time with slow trial and error. It's really a pain in the ass sometimes.

Over the years while building egghead's list to over 150,000 subscribers there has been one continuous shining light that I've followed to get shit done and move the needle on our bottom line.

Brennan Dunn.

Brennan is a master. He's crafty, but ethical. He thinks outside of the box. He pushes the limits. He "gets it" at a fundamental level.

In 2015 we hired Brennan for a two week engagement.

It cost us $50,000 😳

Worth. Every. Fuckin. Penny.

It doesn't even sting that he's spilled all of his best tricks and tactics in an amazingly thorough online masterclass called Mastering ConvertKit.

For only $700.

For two full orders of magnitude less than what we paid Brennan to implement a tiny sliver of these tactics you can get the keys to the kingdom.

The full enchilada.

Brennan's tactics have generated millions of dollars in revenue for me.

No shit.

Even at $50k this would be a no brainer bargain value.

Should also point out that none of these tactics are super specific to ConvertKit. You can apply them with care to other systems.

If you want to level up your email game, or get started building your list (do this, regardless) then you should buy this course today:

Click here to take your email to the next level for only $700.

It makes me smile when I see it.

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