Mastodon as a Replacement for Twitter

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After 15 years on Twitter recent events have me strongly considering other venues for my positive and optimistic updates to like-minded folks.

Mastodon has seen a strong boost in utility recently as a solid replacement to Twitter.

I'm giving it a try, find me here on Hachyderm instance.

Choosing a home server/instance

I've been on Mastodon since 2017 and it was never a great fit. I joined the largest global instance, and it just lacked a "feel" that I could get into.

This time around I joined a tech community focused Mastodon instance and migrated my previous account to it. It was quick and painless and the more focused community was a big boost to the overall vibe.

There's loads of instances to choose from. Here's a fun little Mastodon Instance Wizard to help narrow it down.


Mastodon Twitter Cross Poster works well, but I recommend digging into the options and being conscious and respectful of the ethos on the target platform. You can use a simple hashtag to filter out posts so they aren't cross-posted (I use #tw).

I also don't cross-post RTs and allow my replies (threads) to be cross-posted.

Note that Twitter Circles posts are NOT filtered by default and will cross-post to Mastodon if not filtered.

iOS Client

The official Mastodon client is not my favorite but always tasteful Alex Hillman suggested MetaText and it's been great so far. It's open source too (github), which is very cool.

This post is a seedling, and I'll keep updating it as explorations continue.