Progressive Summarization for Non-Fiction Books

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Consuming information is really fucking easy.

Transforming information you consume into understanding you can implement?

That's hard af. 😅

Progressive summarization is a layered asyncrounous approach to absorbing content (books, articles, videos, etc) and summarizing it at varied levels.

This is a process of continuous improvement of your knowledge and study.

Progressive summarization helps you take Really Good Notes and the philosophy around what you are actually stuffing a "second brain" full of.

This isn't notes porn.

It's important to remember that tags suck.

Your system of notes is fertile soil for asking better questions.

5 layers of notes:

  1. Raw cut and paste of text
  2. Bolding passages
  3. Highlighting the best of the bold
  4. Written summaries
  5. The Remix. Sketch Notes or original articles.

All of these progressively more detailed steps are approached over time. As you revisit any notes, they are enhanced. Some notes may never make it past stage 1.

That's fine.