Strategy of Preeminence

This video from Jay Abraham is a great introduction to the strategy of preeminence.

We are not a commodity.

There are two forces trying to turn us into a commodity.

Our competition wants to marginalize our advantage & differentiation. Consumers want this too.

If we accept this, we are a generic seller of services.

If we accept this, we have surrendered.

We have clients, not customers.

A customer is someone who purchases a commodity or a service. If we refer to someone as a customer, whether out loud or in our own thoughts, we are making ourselves a commodity.

A client is someone who is under the care & protection of another.

We are the trusted advisor to our clients.

We have the responsibility to guide our clients to the right decisions, and view our relationships as permanent.

We have an obligation to remain connected to them.

We will not allow our clients to do less than what they should.

Allowing our clients to do less than what they should is a disservice to them.

Every recommendation we make has their greatest interest at heart.

We exist to see their lives improved.

The lives of our clients are better because of us.

Every time we interact with our clients, we strive for them to be better off because of that interaction.

From the very beginning, we must establish ourselves as the only viable solution to getting them where they want to be.

It's not about what we say and do, but about how much value we can give our clients.

It makes me smile when I see it.

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