Continuous Scrolling Thumbnail Component for Flex

This post continues to be the most popular on this space after a year and a half. I’ve never been particularly fond of the implmenetation. Tightly coupled to very specific data sets and not really anything like a Flex component. It is setup more like an application (because it was pulled out of an application and generalized).

I’ve finally found the opportunity to rewrite the continuous scrolling thumbnail view portion of the slideshow and I am much happier with the results. Now, instead of resembling an application it is structured like a standard Flex 3 List based component. You supply it with a dataProvider and an itemRenderer (IListItemRenderer) and it acts as you would expect it to.

This approach is much nicer, as the data is cleanly decoupled from the component implementation and it opens up the doors for reuse.

The code is available on Github. If you have any suggestions or would like to add to the component, fork it and let me know!

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  • Noel

    Thx for sharing your work! The current code seems not to update the dataprovider if the data happens to change and
    it does not matter if it is declared as binded. eg. differents albums may have different sets of photos, on album
    change, how can the dataprovider be refreshed with new set (thumbnail and image)? Can this be done or is it by design?
    Any tip is appreciated!

  • Noel

    Managed to get it working now with little code modification! Pls ignore my request! :)

  • Joel Hooks

    What is the modification? Have you forked it on Github? Maybe I can merge it in.

  • Noel

    Sorry, could not get to you sooner. I have to look at the code and get back to you. It just few lines to add. You can take a look here: . You do need to sign up a free account to access the gallery that I made modification on your sample to get it work!

  • Andy Lees

    I have been after sometinhg like this for ages. Will it run on Goolge Sites?