Collaboration on a Product with a Partner

If you want to launch a course, project, e-commerce store, or some other product there are a shit load of services on the internet that you can fire up, add your credit card details, and be off to the races.

Seems simple!

These products are tuned for the masses, the least common denominator and primarily focus on transactions and delivery. Both of these problem areas are critical to sell anything online so it makes sense that a packaged "sell your stuff online" service makes sense. Table stakes.

At this layer, most of the competition is on price, where you are generally paying the service provider a monthly or annual fee in exchange for a service.

For the past several years we've been partnering with experts to create modern online learning products for web developers. Unlike DIY bring-your-own-content platforms, we work with or experts closely from the beginning. It's not a monthly fee relationship, it's a long term partnership where revenue is shared.

Fundamentally this means we start with core strategy.

Here's a case study on the production and launch of Epic React with Kent C. Dodds.

We work on a mutual trust relationship with our partners for years.

We turn projects down that don't feel right or aren't a good fit for our team.

We give our partners our best advice to help them make more strategic decisions that take their goals and ambitions into account.

We are employing the Strategy of Preeminence to the best of our ability.

This is the long game and not a cash grab content hustle.

It makes me smile when I see it.

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