Continuous scrolling image thumbnail component for Flex.

I’ve updated this to a proper component implementation that can be found here.

Here is the beginnings of a full featured open-source continuous scroll thumbnail component for Flex. It is rough right now, but I plan to polish it and make it something useful. This format is really appealing, as it gives the user a seamless view of a gallery, without any jumps or aggravating scroll bars. Up until now I have been using H and V Lists in flex for my thumbnailing, but they are ugly and don’t provide as rich of an experience.

The Scroll Panel from AFComponents was my first choice. It is a very nice component, well priced, and would be just what I need, if not for the fact that my project is open-source and using a commercial component sorta kills the whole thing. After scouring the internet I finally stumbled upon the work Peter Wright has put in on a perpetual scrolling list.

I’ve modified it to accept an XML list of image objects, as well as perform horizontally. It is also functioning as a slideshow, and I want to allow it to go either H or V depending on the need. It should shape up to be a nice reusable component. Much thanks to Peter for supplying the code to get me started.

Source Enabled

  • jharbs

    your source is not included in your example. very cool component.
    I came across this component, but it’s not free.

  • Joel

    If you click the “Source Enabled” link at the bottom it loads the swf with the source.

    That component you link to is the one I mention above, and I’ve purchased it, but can’t use it for my open-source project.

  • Guillaume

    Very pretty component, nice work !

    I’m a begginer in Flex and it is exactely what i was looking for but i need some help to import this component in my project.
    If you could provide a quick explanation i think it would be useful for the others flex’noobs !
    Indeed i’ve find some explanations about components, but in this one contains many files, and i’m a little lost.


  • MechanisM

    Great Work!!! Thanxx for the component!!!!

  • Pareek

    Thanks Buddy,was of real help to me…